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Why choose hybrid work?

There are so many advantages associated with choosing to work remotely, especially when you go for the mixed mode.

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How do I Control the proper continuation of work remotely?

If you have concerns that remote work may worsen labor income, there are multiple monitoring and control tools and platforms to find out what and where one’s employees are currently operating on; whether they appear to be available; and whether they have performed their assigned tasks.

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How does an employee have access to work materials and Collaborate with colleagues?

If you choose to opt for a remote working mode,excellent technical equipment of mobile workstations is one of the basic prerequisites. First and foremost, digital tools are required that provide all the functionality needed for efficient collaboration: from connected conferencing solutions to a document sharing tool, end to in-presence applications, telephony, chat, CRM, integrations and more. In this sense, it is essential to have aunified user interface that allowsaccess to all applications.

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How to secure remote work in terms of Information Security?

Employees should only be able to access the corporate network from their mobile workstations via a secure connection. Secure passwords, regular software updates, and staff training to increase awareness of these issues are key elements for a hybrid security concept.

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