The installations they are like the foundations, not seen, but they support the whole structure, and as such, if they are inadequate, they could jeopardize our future and that of our companies.


Anyone can do telecommunications, but is the cabler aware that he is laying the foundation for your communications?

A correct analysis and careful design of this plant infrastructure is the starting point for the evolution of your communications over time.
The CCTT FLUKE certification process carried out by our technicians is the important added value to guarantee knowledge and professionalism to the realization of cabling of your company.

Data Center

Information is an important resource: protect it!

Icona data center - LF IMPIANTI
Trust the qualified team of professionals LF IMPIANTI , for the design of a vital and strategic component of your company in the name of “ business continuity “.
Ready to integrate skills during the installation phases, ensuring a level of excellence, with the aim of maximizing the return on your investment.

data network

Are you sure your company’s network has good pillars?

icona connettività - rete dati LF IMPIANTI
The digital transformation and innovation of your company’s IT processes is part of the design of the network. Our idea for your project is one that must always be done at best, through: flexibility in the provision of the service, compliance with the design requirements and challenging implementation times .


Trust is good, but control is better: stay up to date on everything that happens in the company!

We will share a project that integrates the components necessary to protect people, allowing access only to authorized figures respecting privacy.
We do not only make your security system, but we put at your disposal a professional support in the field of permissions and privacy .

Doubts? Advice? More Information? Ask for everything you need!