Entrust the LF team with the creation and management of integrated communication systems more useful to the needs of your companies.
Tailor-made: voice products, video services, chat and presence, to improve the corporate communication experience.


Communicate with customers and collaborators from any device, through a simple Internet connection!

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Words are the first means of contact with customers and / or collaborators, through our experience we can help you build a reliable system designed on business needs, which fully satisfies the communicative experience .


Are you sure words are enough? Rely on video: help, technical assistance, training, everything is possible thanks to a screen.

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Sometimes words are not enough to communicate: our team is ready to help you build a visual communication channel , to be used with customers and / or collaborators, designed on your needs. Useful for show documents , capture reactions and expressions, for a 360 ° human experience.
We will be able to make a video communication system , integrating it with all communication tools, using the most suitable technology for your company.


Verba volant Chat manent.

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Today we have many text communication systems available, with multiple tools, different purposes, different e-clients: the LF team designs systems in which all chats converge and are integrated .
Staying in constant contact with the collaborators of your company has never been easier!


In a meeting, on vacation or available: who are the collaborators you can count on right now?

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Often the service of presence is perceived as a control tool, we interpret it as the possibility of respect privacy of collaborators or interlocutors who are engaged in other activities or not available, addressing our needs to those who are available at the precise moment of need.
We will integrate presence management with headings is calendars , defining states and behaviors , according to the various business needs.

Doubts? Advice? More information?
Ask for everything you need!

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