Create a support center for your employees.
It helps users to use and customize their services and to optimize systems.

Always available via chat, phone or email, with the Helpdesk service LF Impianti, any problem, no matter how big or small, will be solved quickly by highly qualified staff , without creating any loss of time in the normal workflow.

Why choose LF Impianti’s helpdesk service?

Our facility at your service!

LF Impianti ‘s Helpdesk platform is a 100% autonomous, flexible and configurable facility, available onsite and smartworking.

We offer you full system configuration:

and especially

You will save time and resources!

Forget exhausting phone waits to contact customer service.

Trust our expertise lightly:


All the problems of the IT universe

While an internal IT resource might be absent or wasting time behind futile issues, our team will resolve all kinds of difficulties quickly, promptly dealing with every ticket received.

How often do we receive suspicious emails whose contents we do not know?

Among the expertise of our team you will always find the possibility of verification, to ensure safety and reliability.

The IT security of your company, your devices and your employees will always be a priority of ours: in fact, we design and offer basic IT security training programs to raise awareness of its importance and create greater awareness within your company.

Learn about the expertise of our operators

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1st level technician

Management of functionality of equipment hardware is software installed and support to the client’s work .

1st level technician

Management of functionality of equipment hardware is software installed and support to the client’s work .
  • Windows systems engineer
  • Basics of TCP-IP, LAN networks, Firewalls, Routers.

2nd level technician

Management of application problems , generation of report is documentation and resolution of problems forwarded from 1st level .
  • Windows and Linux systems analyst
  • Report generation
  • Scripting languages
  • SLA Verification
  • Advanced knowledge of TCP-IP,
    LANs, Firewalls and Routers

How does the process of resolving a Ticket take place?

Whenever a request for assistance (whether by email, phone, or chat), the automatic generation of a new ticket, which can be solved immediately by a 1st level technician, or forwarded to a 2nd level technician, which will work out the resolution, updating the 1st level protocols, to enable us to work more competently and quickly the next times.

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It is all a matter of time!

Your employees can rely on our qualified staff every day from 7 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., with anaverage wait per call of 20 seconds and average time per call of 230 seconds.

The intake of a ticket can take up to a maximum of one hour, twenty minutes when it represents an urgency.

For issues related to banking security and abnormal transaction monitoring, we are ALWAYS ACTIVE: 24/7!

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