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Helpdesk Solution:
Does it really make a difference?

The original question that human beings continually go to ask themselves throughout their lives is “why.” Why are we in the world? Why is this one right, while that one is wrong? Why do I do this and not that? Why buy or not buy a particular thing?

LF Impianti, unfortunately, does not have the answer to all these existential questions, but it can answer one, without a shadow of a doubt, namely: why choose a Helpdesk solution for your company?

And the answer to this question begins with yet another question, but addressed to you: why not employ your IT manager in tasks more conducive to business growth, instead of having to trap him or her in the constant grind of (often futile) issues of various employees?

Let’s be clear, every problem is important and as such should be resolved quickly and professionally so that the work can flow properly.

And that is exactly why the idea of a Helpdesk to support your company was born: to enable your business team to rely on professionals in the field, always available, who can solve a variety of issues in the blink of an eye.

Choosing a Helpdesk solution will create a true support center for your company’s employees, always ready to help users use and customize their services and optimize their systems.

What does our specialized team offer?

Specifically, the Helpdesk platform offered by. LF Impianti is 100% autonomous, flexible and configurable, available both onsite and smartworking.

Communicating with our operators is easy and affordable via email, phone and chat.
Among the many benefits reserved for the technical side will be:

Deciding on ticket response SLA;

Check each report in real time as well;

Evaluate statistics to optimize performance.

But the question arises: as soon as one of my employees contacts your Helpdesk service, what specifically happens?
LF Impianti has no secrets and wants to reveal to you the specific path of a support request.

Whenever one of your employees contacts LF Impianti ‘s Helpdesk service, whether by phone, email, or chat, a ticket will automatically be generated and immediately resolved by a top-level technician.

In the event that the ticket is not resolved in the instant, it is forwarded to a second-level technician, who will troubleshoot andupdate the first-level protocols: so that the work can be done faster, in case the same problem occurs again.

As preannounced, there are technicians on two levels:

In addition, all operators are trained to handle and solve problems in the shortest possible time!

The average waiting time per call is only 20 seconds, while the average time per call is 230 seconds.
The intake of a ticket can take a maximum of one hour and for urgent tickets 20 minutes.

A true Helpdesk of record, with equally unbeatable service hours:
7 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., but 24/7 for banking security issues and abnormal transaction control.

Each year our specialists manage more than:

Some might even think that the benefits are over, but LF Impianti is ready to relaunch!

With our Helpdesk service, training courses are also organized for your employees: to make them independent and teach them to avoid or recognize threats within the IT security world.

Problems are always around the corner: even a simple email could hide viruses, causing the loss of sensitive data. In fact, another great skill of our specialists lies in verifying the reliability of the content, so that we can keep the system secure at all times!

Perhaps not everyone knows that our technical specialists are composed of 80% women! Hard workers, patient and hyper professional, literally superheroines ready to step in for any need.

There are no big or small problems; our professionals have often found themselves responding to even absurd and amusing requests, such as a cat that spilled water on a laptop, a mouse that didn’t work because of the computer being turned off, employees worried because picking up the receiver of the line phone persisted in making the “TUUUUUUUUUUUU” sound, or because their computer had started talking to them because of the active voice assistant.

Going to lunch with a trained technician from our Helpdesk may yield you numerous other amusing anecdotes, but never forget the extreme seriousness and professionalism during the aforementioned service requests.

By choosing the Helpdesk solution of LF Impianti you will choose humanity, professionalism, competence, availability and safety.

Supporting your business is our top priority: always offering you the best you can find around.

Find out how to apply it to your business now!


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