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Every large company, regardless of its impressiveness and market resonance, has ALWAYS started from ordinary individuals.
Ordinary people, like you and me. Simple people, but with the desire to do more and the perseverance to achieve the goals set.

The story of LF IMPIANTI also stems from the inspiration of ordinary man, founder Luigi Farina, who not only worked hard to create his business, but also passed on the involvement in that enterprise to his family. In fact, it is still now under the management of the children Flavio and Elisabetta Farina.
Over the years, the company has grown to over 65 employees and a turnover in 2019 of over €11,000,000.

Even companies have a Curriculum Vitae!

Founded as a telephoneinstallations company, LF installations has evolved to deal with.
telecommunications, contact center, information security and banking, and more.

With the acquisition of the company as Mannesmann Quality Computer Printers, LF Impianti expanded its scope of activities to include the sale and installation of printers dot-matrix and multifunction printers, thermoscanners, and the creation of a Cloud portal.

It also absorbed a small plumbing and heating company, Piellegi Impianti, in 2019 in order to integrate the world ofenvironmentally sustainable energy with IOT systems and telecommunications.

But something absolutely new is already boiling in the pot, because LF IMPIANTI never stops and is always ready to renew and modernize, not letting any new market trend slip through its fingers.

Due to the continuous evolution in the market and the frantic pursuit of technological evolution, LF IMPIANTI ‘s curriculum shines with experience and expertise!

You can find our signature on the management of technologies dating back to the postwar period andItaltel electromechanical power plants Italtel where entire floors of a building contained machinery to manage a hundred users, today, thanks to technological development, the same number of users can be managed thanks to a Virtual Machine.

progetti - LF Impianti

Our teams have worked on the development of telecommunication and security lines in the Milan subways, set up telephone stations for traders at major Italian banks.

Implementation of communication systems as well as integration of hotel services for ships produced by Fincantieri for Princess Cruise and P&O Criuses.

What would you do if you were not afraid?

The philosophy adopted by the company is derived entirely from the story “Who Moved My Cheese?“, a story-parable about dealing with the changes that can occur in life and the need to perceive them, without passively undergoing them.
The world runs fast, each day is different from the last. The 2020/2021 pandemic experience was also an example of this, and although it has been tough, and will be tough in the coming years, we must have the strength to continue to change in the way the world demands.
The search for new markets, the continuous modernization of products and services, the snappy response to what customers demand every day, is a FUNDAMENTAL requirement for any serious and knowledgeable company.
And LF IMPIANTI is deeply connected to this philosophy of life, both professionally and humanly.

With great business comes great responsibility

Do you know where you can find us?
LF installations currently has three locations: the main one in Usmate Velate in the province of Monza and
Brianza and the secondary ones respectively in Parabiago in the province of Milan and in Noceto in the province of Parma.
The universe LF Impianti, however, is not limited to the Po Valley territories, but operates strictly throughout Italy thanks to a dense network of technicians and salespeople.

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