why apply it to my company?

There are company directors who observe their own enterprise and do not see the slightest flaw in it. There are others, however, who continually wonder where they are going wrong.
These two sides of the same coin have only one thing in common: a SUBJECTIVE view of the situation.

Sometimes one needs to distance oneself, to observe one’s reality from the outside with the right amount of judgment, without being either too harsh…or too blind.
Everyone can improve in something, recent times have taught us all too well. The technological world runs very fast and one’s competitors always get that extra something that can push us to find the key to always try to be the best solution for our clients.

At the same time, everyone can find the solution to a problem, big or small. Nowadays we have all the necessary tools for this; but, of course, it is particularly difficult to look exclusively at the four walls of one’s own company with a magnifying glass looking for the slightest loophole that could block the system.

Why use a counseling service? For this very motivation: to get an OBJECTIVE critical eye, ready to do whatever it takes to make you the cutting-edge company you deserve to be!


LF Impianti, for still the entire month of April 2022, wants to offer you its consulting services for FREE.
And now you may be wondering: where is the deception? Too often the word “free” is linked to tiny clauses where you are brutally bound to a series of obligations.

Well, LF Impianti does not operate in this way, in fact there is no cheating, because it will only be YOU, once you have presented our analysis, who will decide whether or not to take advantage of it, whether to operate in that direction or follow another. With no obligations and no strings attached.
In addition, the period of free operation is extremely limited and usable only by the companies quickest to contact us via our form on the homepage.

Each company is highly qualified in its respective field, specifically LF Impianti is a system integrator specializing in unified communication, helpdesk, and office tools.
With our free consultation, we will put the experience we have accumulated over the years at your complete disposal to analyze and improve certain aspects of theIT universe:
IT platform efficiency;
Performance and cost optimization.
Upon completion of the consultation, we will present you with a detailed report, regarding possible improvements you could make to your reality.

Another question you might have concerns the time spent behind aconsulting operation.
“I don’t have time…,” “I’m too busy at this time,” “It would occupy an amount of time that I don’t possess!”
…What if we told you that it could be enough time for a cup of coffee?

No excuses! We know perfectly well the value of time, and in fact all we ask for is a very few minutes for a very short period.

Our course is divided into three short and very simple steps to learn about your company’s needs and their applicable solutions.

We will begin by “offering” you a virtual coffee ristretto, in which we will conduct a small 10 to 15 minute chat, where we will analyze your reality.
Reserve your first virtual coffee here now here

Afterwards, we will offer a digital espresso coffee, a venue where a specialist will be added who, together with our team of experts, will analyze the data collected, and then continue with an in-depth discussion of specific topics.

We will perform a 360-degree analysis and then provide you with…

We will be happy to share with you, through a short virtual meeting, the result of our analysis, where we will present all possible solutions applicable to your needs.
We would like to strongly remind you that all steps are completely free and without any commitment.
It will be up to you alone to choose how you use our analysis to help your company improve.

But of course…we also remind you that our offer is time limited!
Don’t let your ristretto coffee cool, enjoy it now…or reserve it for a later time directly here.

For any concerns, needs or specific requests, our blog comment area remains open for discussion.
For more information about our offerings, we are waiting for you between the pages of our website, on our social networks or directly in the contact section . Our experts look forward to making your acquaintance and putting all the knowledge of LF Facilities at your disposal.

We are waiting for you!

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