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Welcome back to our Tech Dictionary, which as you know by now aims to guide you inside the endless world of technology.
In fact, today we are going to cover a topic that may be elementary for many, but for a large part of the population is still relegated to a real mystery.
What are we talking about?


Post blog Maiuscole accentate/apostrofo - LF Impianti

ACCENTED MINUSCULES: where are they found?


Post blog Maiuscole accentate - codici maiuscole accentate su tastiera Apple/iOS/MAC - LF Impianti

In the case of the Mac is much simpler than you might think: while we are writing a sentence in uppercase (by holding down the shift key, or more simply by activating the caps lock, both keys are located on the far left of the keyboard with drawn above arrows pointing up), in fact, we will only need to hold down the letter we want to accent; doing so will open a real drop-down menu with all the various possibilities to choose from, and all we have to do is click the relevant number or through the cursor the one of our preference, which will be automatically inserted into the text.

This also applies to the mobile devices: the Apple iPhone/iPad certainly, but also, against all odds, the Android smartphone/tablet, in which (again activating the caps lock/shift, by pressing twice on the arrow pointing up, on the bottom left of our touch keyboard) will suffice hold down the specific letter to open a veritable dropdown of possibilities for us to choose from.

Post blog Maiuscole - codici maiuscole su tastiera - LF Impianti

For Windows computers, however, the process is slightly more cumbersome.
In this case, one must rely completely on predetermined codes.
To write the accented capital “e ” you will need to hold down the Alt key (to the left of the space bar),type the number 212 (or 0200) type the number 212, and finally release the Alt key.

In short: Alt+212 or Alt+0200

If your need is, instead, to write the capital “e” with the acute accent, “É,” the keyboard sequence is: Alt+144.

What about the other letters?
À is obtained by typing the combination Alt + 0192;
Ì is obtained by typing the combination Alt + 0204;
Ò is obtained by typing the combination Alt + 0210;
Ù is obtained by typing the combination Alt + 0217.

Alternatively, you can open the character map by typing charmap in the Windows Start menu. In it you will find not only the accented E, but all other possible special characters.

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Of course, it is no secret that this is an unintuitive process, but we are still left with the choice of searching Google for the accented capital letter of interest and copying and pasting it into our own document.

You could also create an actual file where you keep them saved, and then easily insert them within your text, email, social post or whatever.
To make the solution even easier for you, we write them directly here, with both grave and acute accent (just in case!):

À, Á, È, É, Ì, Í, Ò, Ó, Ù, Ú.

With the hope that we have been helpful to you, we look forward to seeing you soon with a new technology topic to analyze and “make understandable” to everyone!

Should you need us, we remain at your disposal in the “Comments” section where you are always welcome for any questions, clarifications or suggestions.

See you around the LF Plant site,
see you anon!

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